New administrative order on .dk

From July 1, 2020, a new administrative order on the .dk Internet domain will come into force. The administrative order is issued by the Danish Business Authority and is a prerequisite for DK Hostmaster's administration of .dk. Therefore, the new measures of the announcement have great impact on a number of processes in DK Hostmaster.

This means that we will:

  • Ensure that our registrars offer customers DNSSEC signing or can provide information on where domain names can be signed.
  • Investigate whether a customer is registered in WHOIS with correct identity information if we receive a request with a "reasoned suspicion" that this information is incorrect.
  • Offer the ability to register .dk domain names with additional special characters.
  • Spread knowledge about ipv6.

Other changes include the fact that DK Hostmaster will be able to hold service windows without it being considered as downtime on our essential systems, and that we must now update the name server database every hour.

Read the administrative order in full form (Danish only).

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