Digitalization is for everyone and is about our everyday lives

Post by Henriette Vignal-Schjøth, organizer of DIFO’s Internet Day 2017

Welcome to a world where IT and the Internet are for everyone. That world is right now and is about our everyday lives. Almost regardless of your technical skills and interests - or lack of the same! - you Skype or Facetime with friends, share experiences and get new impressions on a social media, you communicate with your child's teacher via “SkoleIntra” and your upcoming vacation is a bargain because you are updated about the best and cheapest travels on your phone.

In other words, digitalization is an integral part of our lives, so we must talk about it at eye level, taking into account the close needs of ordinary people and businesses. How do we get that smart refrigerator that automatically orders food for delivery going? Customer service without phone queue, thanks! Intelligent water consumption, so we avoid waste. What about a use-and-throw-away payment method to combat credit card fraud?

Participate in the debate on the Internet Day & Danish IGF

In the Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) we focus on the internet's development and what it means to us in everyday life. We therefore invite all interested professionals and laymen to the Internet Day & Danish IGF 2017, which will be held September 12th in Copenhagen. Here, we will learn about and discuss artificial intelligence, fast broadband, apps and metadata? What should we use that for? In addition, how do we do it well and safe? Join us and get insight into technologies that already play a role in your life, even if you are not aware of it. Find out about exciting new phenomenas such as eSport and white hat hackers. The conference is for everyone and it’s free, sign up and see the program here.

The Internet day has the user perspective in focus

DIFO is aware of the width of the Danish internet community. It is appraisable that the government, stakeholders and the business community have digitalization high on the agenda, as we saw, for example, when the Digital Growth Panel made its recommendations in May this year. The panel comprises of 4 women and 11 men from the top of Danish business life, who was asked by the government to point out how to create better conditions for Danish businesses to exploit the potential of digitalization. They propose a world-class future-proof infrastructure, good framework for data usage, IT security and e-commerce, proactive attitude towards social challenges in digitalization, etc. It’s exciting stuff, read more here.

However, the next time, a panel on digitalization is set up; let it also be a "Customers Growth Panel". A panel of consumers across a wide range as well as SMEs that can make recommendations on what should be made easier, faster, cheaper and more secure.

In general, let's formulate the needs of ordinary people and businesses when talking about digitalization. That is what DIFO does on the Internet Day & Danish IGF 2017, come and join!

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