Digitalt Ansvar becomes a new member of DIFO

As of January 2022, the association Digitalt Ansvar has become part of DIFO's membership. Digitalt Ansvar is a non-profit association that works to promote a safe and responsible digital development.

“We are pleased that Digitalt Ansvar has applied for membership of DIFO and has now become a member. Digital Responsibility has many interfaces with the IT security that DIFO and DK Hostmaster work for, so I look forward to a good and fruitful collaboration in the future,” CEO of DIFO, Jakob Truelsen explains.

Digitalt Ansvar builds and disseminates knowledge about digital challenges, creates dialogue and debate and points to common solutions for more digital responsibility.

“We are extremely pleased to be included in a forum where we, together with the other members, can help point out better solutions for digital responsibility.
Because as it is today, those who are exposed to digital violence and digital violations are very often left to their own devices,”
says board member and digital analyst at Digitalt Ansvar, Christian Skettrup.

Digitalt Ansvar has been given a place on this year's Finance Act, which will further strengthen the association's efforts against digital violations. Read more about Digitalt Ansvar here (Danish only)




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