DK Hostmaster takes new steps towards more security on the Internet

The Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) and the operating company DK Hostmaster are taking new initiatives to create more security on the Internet.

This is based on the results of a public hearing, on DIFO's continued role in the fight against cybercrime and a new Supreme Court ruling on content responsibility for Internet technical intermediaries. DIFO and DK Hostmaster's board have therefore decided proactively to obtain information about the spread of phishing, malware, etc. and share this knowledge with registrars and registrants of .dk domain names.

DK Hostmaster will also insert a new provision in the terms of use right for a .dk domain name for increased crime prevention. This will support DK Hostmaster's dissemination of cognizance of the Supreme Court's decision on the handling of illegal content on the Internet, including DK Hostmaster's own responsibility.

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