DK Hostmaster in the TV program Kontant

Thursday evening DK Hostmaster was interviewed in the TV program Kontant on DR. The program was about the increasing number of Danes who are being defrauded on the internet. We are very aware of this problem in DK Hostmaster. In this article, you can read more about what we do in order to get rid of the fraud websites.

How many Danes have been scammed online?

An inquiry from Deloitte shows that one out of ten Danes between the age of 18 and 60 have been scammed to buy fake goods online in 2016. We do not know how many of these purchases were made on .dk domain names. We have initiated a close collaboration with the police about how we and others from the internet society can contribute in the fight against internet crime and we ongoing entrust domain names to the police for confiscation.

Amount of domain names we have entrusted to the police:

Last six months of 2015: 6

First six months of 2016: 516

Last six months of 2016: 184

How does DK Hostmaster ensure that people give up the correct identity when they register a domain name?

In DK Hostmaster we make a validation of the identity of everyone who register a domain name. One reason to do so is in order to prevent crime online.

Since March 2015 all Danish customers have been validated against the CPR or CVR register. Furthermore, we mail letters to all registrants so that they know, that they are registered as the user of a domain name.

Therefore, you will always receive a letter with the mail if an identity theft wants to use your personal information to register a domain name. Do you receive a letter from DK Hostmaster saying that you have registered a domain name, and you have not, then please contact us immediately – then we will delete the domain name right away and in that way avoid abuse.

Is DK Hostmasters control of identity good enough?

We are very aware of the increase in online crime and we are now looking at how to make the control of our customer’s identity better. We are working on introducing NemID for all Danes to validate their identity.

Regarding foreigners, we are working on introducing a risk assessment based on information from international databases that better can identify possible fraudsters behind fake names when they are applying to register a .dk domain name.

Fake webshops is a global problem and there are no perfect solution to this. Our new initiatives will make it much more difficult to scam on the .dk domain but our solutions will not solve everything.

How come the customers shall not actively confirm the registration of a domain name with an activation code when they receive the order confirmation?

This is a very slow process that does not live up to many people’s expectations in a digital society. At the same time, we know that there are many countries worldwide where the mail does not always arrive.

This summer we held a hearing about the fight against internet crime, and we debated different possibilities for identity control with the internet society. Nor in this forum there was support of this idea.

As earlier said we are therefore now working on solutions with NemID and a risk assessment of foreign customers. We have more than 700.000 customers and the overall majority of those are legitimate. For us it is important that they all fast and easily can register a .dk domain name. With the new initiatives we are sharpening the security and therefore we think that this is a better solution than an activation code send by mail.

What can you do?

There are many things you can be aware of when you buy goods online if you want to avoid to be scammed.

Read good advices on secure online shopping here

Have you already been unlucky then it is always a good idea to get hold of your bank, that sometimes can help you to get your money back.


Facts about DK Hostmaster

  • DK Hostmaster is the administrator for domain names ending in .dk.
  • A domain name is an adress on the web, that finds the correct email or website for the web-user.
  • We administer a database of the 1.3 million .dk-domain names, which contains information about the person who owns the right to use the domain name.
  • We make sure that the .dk domain infrastructure is available to all users on the web.
  • DK Hostmaster is responsible for a websites address, the domain name, but not the content on the specific webpage.
  • DK Hostmaster does not have the right to close a domain name of a website with illegal content without a warrant from the police.


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