The Internet Day & Danish IGF 2018

On October 1, 2018, Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) and the Danish Business Authority will host the Internet Day and Danish IGF.

We have invited a number of leading experts and opinion makers to discuss how the digital world looks like right now and the options and issues that follows.


The conference opens with a welcome speech by the Minister for Business, Rasmus Jarlov, after which the main speakers of the year will focus on the human aspect of the digital development. Group Vice President of Grundfos Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen invokes us in the story of Grundfos' digitalization journey and how they got the employees to join. And finally, Business Researcher and Author Søren Schultz Hansen will challenge us on some of our ideas about the digital reality.

In addition, the four tracks will be packed with interesting themes - here are some examples:

  • Experience a television being hacked on the session "How do you control the security of your IoT devices?"
  • Hear how the physical store will return in "Where is the balance between e-commerce and physical stores?"
  • Learn about trusted notifiers and new forms of content checking in “Trusted Notifiers - The New Content Police Online?”
  • Join the debate on data security in "How do we create a strong security culture in society?"

Read the program here

Join the conference

The conference is free and open to all. You can sign up at, and there is a limited number of seats. The conference is held at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen.

The Internet Day and Danish IGF is one of the largest IT conferences in Denmark with over 500 participants and four different tracks: a technical, a legal, a business and a political track (Danish IGF).

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