More than 3000 suspected scam web shops closed down

It has now become safer to shop online in the .dk zone after the number of suspicious scam web shops has been reduced to only 0.12% of all .dk online stores.

With a sharper identity check of Danish and foreign customers, DIFO has managed to close the domain name of more than 3000 suspected scam web shops since November 2017.

In March 2018, a study conducted on behalf DIFO showed that the intensified identity check had reduced the number of suspected scam web shops to 475. Subsequently, DIFO has further sharpened the identity of foreign customers, which has resulted in only about 50 suspected scam web shops remaining in .dk zone.

A more secure internet for the consumers

One of DIFO's tasks is to make sure that the Danish part of the Internet is as secure as possible and that you can trust the content on Danish pages. Therefore, in DIFO, we are very pleased with the result of the enhanced identity check.

Also at the e-mark, the results spark excitement, as it places the consumers of online stores in the .dk zone far better.

“We are very pleased with the excellent result DIFO has achieved by reducing the number of scam web shops that end with .dk. One scam shop is one too many, but at the current level, the .dk zone can be considered to be one of the safest zones in the world,” says CEO of the e-mark Jesper Arp-Hansen.

The Identity control has slowed down the increase in cybercrime

In recent years, there has been an increase in cybercrime related to infringements of intellectual property rights - specifically by a significant rise in the number of scam web shops.

Therefore DIFO has introduced a sharpened identity check of the person or company behind a given .dk domain name. This means that Danish customers must now be validated with NemID, while all foreign customers are assessed based on a risk assessment.

DIFO has thus been able to shut down for the domain names where the person behind has not been able to or would not reveal his or hers identity.

One of the safest zones in the world 

With this enhanced identity check, DIFO has positioned itself as one of the domain administrators with the safest zone worldwide. However, we will be challenged in new ways. Efforts to fight cybercrime will therefore never stand still for DIFO.

The figures are derived from the study "Analysis of Domains Suspected of Infringing Intellectual Property", prepared for DIFO in collaboration with EIT DK ApS / Henrik Bjørner 

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