New DIFO-member: Welcome to RettighedsAlliancen

It is important for DIFO to have strong roots in the Danish internet society. Therefore, we are very satisfied that RettighedsAlliancen wish to be a part of the association.

In the first half of 2017 DIFO got three new members, and the number of members continue to increase in the second half: Now RettighedsAlliancen has become a member of the association too.

RettighedsAlliancen is a special interest group, representing over 100.000 Danish rights holders from among others the film and music industry. They work to stop organized criminals in abusing intellectual property rights online.

“We wish to contribute to the creation of a more secure internet for both companies that invest in making business online and the users for whom it should be possible to move safely, so fighting online crime is a central and common goal. Therefore, I look forward to the forthcoming cooperation with DIFO,” says Maria Fredenslund, CEO of RettighedsAlliancen.

Broad membership-profile is important

DIFO has the overall responsibility for the Danish .dk domain and is a not-for-profit association. The members are organizations from the Danish internet society that represents either suppliers, professional users or private users. RettighedsAlliancen will become a part of the group of professional users.

“It is essential that DIFO is deeply rooted in the Danish internet society and therefore we wish a broad membership-profile. We are therefore very happy to welcome another member and we look forward to collaborate with RettighedsAlliancen,” says Henrik Udsen, Chair of the Board.  

Organizations that represents an important part of the Danish internet society can become members of DIFO. The association counts 19 members overall.


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