Public consultation on new terms of use for .dk domain names on liability for illegal content on the web

DK Hostmaster has sent a draft of a new provision in terms of right of use for a .dk domain name in public consultation until 1 December 2021. The new provision is sent for consultation to create the transparency that DK Hostmaster must ensure according to the Domain Act.

The background is that the Supreme Court in a ruling earlier this year has ruled a new legal situation on who should handle illegal content on the web: It must first the infringer and then technical intermediaries in a priority order. Technical intermediaries are the actors who, in their own way, ensure that the Internet works. Read more about the Supreme Court's decision here.

In order to spread the word about this new legal situation, the Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) has decided to add a new provision in DK Hostmaster's Terms of Use for a .dk domain name. DIFO is now putting the wording of the new provision into public consultation until 1 December 2021, see more here.

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