Starting the hearing on the fight against cybercrime

Monday, June 6, 2016 DIFO took the first step with a successful oral hearing, the debate about when a domain name may be suspended, how registrants should be validated and which personal information DIFO must pass on.

A large number of representatives from the Danish Internet community, from government agencies and the Copenhagen Police, the Danish Industry to a wide range of IT vendors showed up and participated in lively debate.

Now DIFO invites all with a view on the points to participate in the written part of the consultation, which extends over the summer.

Should the process to suspend a domain name go much faster than today? One proposal is to create a special suspension boards, which can take responsibility for the suspension of domain names. Can you thereby ensuring effective treatment of cases of obvious crime on Danish domain names? What about legal certainty?

DIFO's validation of the identity of registrants behind a domain name is currently carried out by letter, but perhaps the current validation model tightened? A more restrictive solution with forced NemID validation for Danes and an activation code by post to foreign registrants were overwhelmingly endorsed at the oral hearing. There were also strong voices against increased control and concerns that domain registration becomes too cumbersome for customers.

Should DIFO disclose information about anonymous registrants to authorities and private quicker and easier than today? DIFO look forward to rights holders get on the field and give their opinion in the written consultation.

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