We just want to give something back!

We just want to give something back! We do this by hosting the annual The Internet Day conference, as well as supporting other tech events like Techfestival and ICANN.

DK Hostmaster administers all the Danish web domains ending in .dk. We are a not-for-profit company, and some of our revenue we use to promote digital literacy and enlightenment. We call this “giving something back to the internet community”.

The Internet Day is digital literacy

The Internet Day is an example of something we “give back”. The conference is free of charge so access is free for everyone.

The Internet Day 2017 took place on September 12. It was a full day, packed with lectures, panel sessions and interviews focusing on the internet and new technology. This year’s topics ranged from cybercrime and security to AI and digital literacy.

The conference was held in collaboration with a wide range of partners who, like DIFO and DK Hostmaster, have an interest in keeping the Danish people informed about our common digital future. This year’s partners included the Danish Business Authority, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Institute for Human Rights and the Confederation of Danish Enterprise among many others.

The international perspective

DK Hostmaster and DIFO has supported international conferences as well, including ICANN, IGF and RIPE. It varies from year to year who we support as well as the scope of our involvement - in the form of organisational assistance, speakers or financial backing.

This year we had a great part in organizing the international ICANN conference back in March in Copenhagen. ICANN is all about discussing and decide the future of the internet. Therefor the international engagement is an important priority with us.

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