DK Hostmaster will no longer reveal information about proxies and name server managers

From today, you can no longer see information about the proxy or name server manager when you enter a domain name in DK Hostmaster’s WHOIS database.

We have anonymized this information based on requirements in the Data Protection Regulation.

Still able to establish contact

We believe that there may still be a need to contact the proxy or name server manager for a .dk domain name, we have implemented a contact form in WHOIS. Here you can request contact with the proxy or name server manager. Your contact information is sent to the e-mail we have registered on the proxy or name server manager, after which they need to contact you. See how to use the form

This form is also available for contact to registrants.

Injunction from the Danish Data Protection Agency

On March 28, 2019, DK Hostmaster received an injunction from the Danish Data Protection Agency, which stated that we are not authorized by the Data Protection Regulation to publish information about proxies in WHOIS or other services. Of course, we follow this decision and will at the same time, anonymize information about the name server manager.

We will continue to publish information about registrants of .dk domain names in the WHOIS database as this is our obligation under the Danish Domain Law.

In our WHOIS database you can find all .dk domain names

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