Christian Hannibal new in DIFO's board

As of July 1st, Christian Hannibal from the Confederation of Danish Industry, joined DIFO's board.

DIFO held a general assembly on Monday June 22nd, 2020, where the new member of DIFO's Board of Directors was elected.

“I welcome Christian to DIFO's board. I am sure that Christian has a lot to contribute with in the work for DIFO,” says chairman of the board of DIFO, Henrik Udsen.

Contribution to DIFO's efforts against abuse

DIFO has chosen to take an active role in the fight against abuse of Danish domain names in recent years.

"I am convinced that in the future we will expand our efforts against abuse even more. Christian's profile and insight as head of digitalization policy at DI Digital will certainly be able to give this work new perspectives,” explains Henrik Udsen.

Christian Hannibal is head of digitization policy at DI Digital. He has been in DI since 2011, where he has, among other things, been the leader for DI's Digitization efforts "Win the Future" and since 2018 has been head of digitization policy and daily manager of DI Digital.

Farewell to Annette Falberg

Christian Hannibal's entry into the board is also a farewell to Annette Falberg (DI), who resigns from the board after 2 years.
“We have a lot to thank Annette for. I wish her good luck and all the best with her future activities,” concludes Henrik Udsen.



Photo: Dansk Industri

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