Conference open for all about our future with robots, artificial intelligence and cyberattack

Over the next ten years, our society will change dramatically. Robots, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things will play a completely new role in both our working life and privately. But are we ready to seize the new digital and technological opportunities? And are we well enough prepared to resist for instance cyberattacks and online crime?

DIFO (Danish Internet Forum) and the Danish Business Authority have gathered the leading Danish experts, business people and opinion leaders at the conference Internetdagen & Dansk IGF on September 12, 2017. Here they will tell about and debate the possibilities and challenges that arises as the digital and technological development are moving forward.

“Together, the Danish internet society have the qualifications that can secure Denmark a position in the forefront both digitally and technologically. Therefore, we see a big value in bringing the Danish internet society together so that we can learn of each other,” says Jakob Bring Truelsen, CEO in DIFO.

This year, Internetdagen & Dansk IGF has the theme NEXT. The conference is one of the biggest IT conferences in Denmark with more than 500 participants and four different tracks: A technical, a political, a legal and a business track. More than 40 speakers are already confirmed.

Diverse program

Claus Skytte and Thomas Bolander are keynote speakers at the conference. Claus Skytte is an expert in sharing economy, the internet and automation and he will talk about, how the development has made the world a much better place today than earlier.

Thomas Bolander is researching in artificial and social intelligence and his presentation will give answers to what computers can and cannot as well as what is unique about us humans and where will we never be able to be replaced.

You can also learn about much more – here is a small selection of some of those themes that will be debated during the conference:

  • What impact will 5G have on our digital future and how do we handle the enormous amount of data that will be produced with 5G, as Internet of Things will be more used?
  • How can business corporate better with white-hat hackers about solid systems?
  • The use of metadata and how to make make money of it?
  • How can businesses value from e-sport? And are they ready to invest the money it takes?

“We hope that the participants can use the new knowledge as both an inspiration and to look critically on whether their organization are properly prepared to the huge changes that we will face in the forthcoming years,” says Jakob Bring Truelsen, CEO in DIFO.

Participate in the conference

The conference is free and open to all. Sign up at There are a limited amounts of seats and registration is based on the first come, first served-principle. The conference will take place at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen.

You can follow Internetdagen on Facebook and Twitter, where we will keep you updated with the latest news from the conference and about what happens on the digital and technological scene.

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