A look into the technological future - The Internet Day & Danish IGF 2017

What's NEXT was the theme of this year's Internet Day & Danish IGF 2017, held in a packed Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center on September 12th.

The society is on the verge of extensive upheavals. Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things will get a more prominent place in our work and privately. At the same time, we face major challenges with cyber-attacks and the handling of public data.

The above were among the topics we learned about; bellow is an insight into a few of the other sessions on this year's Internet day & the Danish IGF.

The gold lies just below the surface

On the session "Data is the New Gold", both speakers, Jakob Bech Benediktson from Lasso and Mogens Nørgaard from CIMA Technologies, agreed that public data will provide enormous opportunities, especially when we start crossing data from different registries and services. However, the use of data poses a number of ethical dilemmas that we must relate to. It may be anonymity in one registry, but not in another. Business opportunities are great, but we need to base them upon compliance and ethics. There was no doubt that data is worth gold and that it is just below the surface.

The digital community aides

What should you do if you find security failures in IT systems? Hack or make vendors, authorities and system owners aware of the problem. It was an exciting debate in the company of Henrik Høyer and Jacob Heidelberg about the challenges these “white hat hackers” encounter in their efforts to do good, using methods in an ethical and legislative gray area. There is a need to look at how to make it easier to act when flaws are found. Likewise, better guidelines was requested on how security issued are handled internally and possibly published, also called responsible disclosure.

Thanks to all participants, speakers and guests, welcome next year.

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