Mandatory identification with NemID

Next time you log on to self-service you are required to go through our identification process with NemID if you live in Denmark. The mandatory association with NemID will secure a valid ID control and prevent cybercrime in the .dk zone.

At DK Hostmaster, we are aware of the increased level of cybercrime and with the new identification process we can be certain on our customers identity. If the police find, that a .dk domain name is used for fraud it will be easier to locate the person behind.

If you are an existing user and have already completed the validation process, you also need to complete the NemID identification process. When the identification is completed, you can choose if you wish to log in with your NemID or your existing user-id the next time you log on to self-service.

Later this year we will launch a strengthened ID control for registrants living outside of Denmark.

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