Participate in DIFO and DK Hostmaster's side events during ICANN58

ICANN58, which is a big international conference about the internet, is these days taking place in Copenhagen. Besides ICANN’s official program, you can also participate in ICANN58 side events from the 13th to the 15th of March organized by DIFO and DK Hostmaster.

The side events consist of different presentations, round table discussions and social events with representatives from the Danish internet community. Most of the events take place in Bella Center, which is also the location of ICANN58, and a few arrangements are located in other areas of Copenhagen.

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Promotion of the Danish internet community

During ICANN58, thousands of people from all over the world, who all work with the internet or have great interest in it, will come to Copenhagen. DIFO and DK Hostmaster have organised these side events because it is a unique possibility to present and promote the Danish internet society, which DIFO represents, to the international internet society.

Every year, ICANN organises three big conferences around the world and it is the first time that one of these conferences take place in Denmark. It is also the first time in ICANN’s history that the domain name administrator in the country, where the conference is held, is hosting of a side event program.

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Participate in DIFO and DK Hostmaster’s event at ICANN58

Times are changing regarding public awareness and governmental focus on cybercrime and how to mitigate its damaging effect on the society and economy. Join this session about DIFO and DK Hostmaster and its initiatives regarding the prevention of cybercrime.

Title: Being the Danish registry in a time of Cybercrime

Where and when: March 14 and 15, both days from 17 – 17.45 at AC Hotel Bella Sky, Tower 2, 1st floor, room 180


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