Thanks for a great ICANN58 conference

By Jakob Bring Truelsen, CEO - DIFO and DK Hostmaster

ICANN58 is over. We are happy and proud of the conference, where the whole world’s internet society was gathered in Copenhagen for the first time.

DIFO and DK Hostmaster was co-host and that gave us a unique and very visible role during the conference. We used the extra focus to put our key issues on the agenda, namely consumer protection and an open, free and accessible internet – and our views has been listened to.

The ICANN conferences are about discussing and shaping the future of the internet and therefore the international engagement is an important priority in DIFO and DK Hostmaster.

Increased transparency in ICANN

One subject on the agenda was the importance of securing a more transparent ICANN.

The organization has recently upgraded the possibility of complaining. This is positive because transparency is essential for ICANN in order to have the necessary legitimacy between the many stakeholders around the world. But that is far from enough.

Therefore, we will in DIFO and DK Hostmaster work for further transparency in ICANN in the future when it comes to decision making and economy.

Need of new toplevel domains?

Another discussion that was started during the conference was the debate about whether - and in that case how - there should be opened more toplevel domains.

In DIFO and DK Hostmaster we have some concerns about allowing more endings on domain names. Because a part of the new toplevel domains that have been added in recent years, unfortunately have become kind of black holes on the internet with a high crime level.

Therefore, we think that the first priority is to get a hold of the many toplevel domains that are already out there. In the same way will we work to complete an extensively analysis work to ensure that we make use of the already gained experience before more toplevel domains are to be offered.

New connections created

On the conference DIFO and DK Hostmaster hosted SIDEEVENTS ICANN58 and many relevant subjects were discussed. The side events were very well received, and we are happy to have presented the Danish internet society to the many international stakeholders at ICANN58. Many connections were created and hopefully we will see the results in near future.

A successful conference

Here on the other side of the conference we are very pleased about the fact that ICANN58 in Copenhagen framed a successful event. We made the Danish internet society visible and made our statements clear about which direction we are working towards when it comes to ICANN.

At the next ICANN conferences DIFO and DK Hostmaster will be attending and we are looking forward to all the discussions about ICANN and the future of the internet.

Thanks for now, ICANN.

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