Update of the terms for .dk domain names

On April 1st, 2022, DK Hostmaster will update the terms of the right to use a .dk domain name.

During the last week, we have notified all registrants of .dk domain names individually about the update per mail. You can read the new terms here.

Two changes

The update of the terms of use for a .dk domain name contains two changes:

  • New possibility for suspension and deletion. A new provision has been inserted in the terms and conditions, which relates to DK Hostmaster's possibility to decide on suspension and deletion of a .dk domain name. The provision is used in connection with online violations, in cases where less intrusive measures by other actors are not practically possible. The new terms clarify DK Hostmaster's role as a result of a court ruling from the Danish Supreme Court.
  • Correct contact information. In the new terms, the obligation regarding accurate contact information has been clarified. It has also been described how DK Hostmaster's control of the validity of the contact information takes place. This clarifies what is already stated in the current terms, and they therefore do not imply changes in DK Hostmaster's practice regarding contact information.

DK Hostmaster as a last resort

The new possibility for suspension must be seen in the light of a court ruling from the Danish Supreme Court on who should handle illegal content on the web. Here the provision was that the infringer is the first to be ordered to remove content and then the technical intermediary, ie. Internet functionality providers. Only if these two options are hopeless or has proved insufficient can DK Hostmaster suspend and delete.

In November 2021, DIFO launched a consultation on the new provision on the possibility of suspension. The incoming comments can be read in this consultation note (Danish only)




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