Vice President Lise Fuhr leaves DIFO and DK Hostmaster

The past seven years, Lise Fuhr worked to position DIFO - the organization in charge of the .dk domain names on behalf of Denmark - as Denmark and Danish interests to exert maximum influence on the development and democratization of the Internet. Although Denmark in an international context is a small player, DIFO has managed with Lise Fuhr's work to secure the chairmanship of an international group that works to change the web's management of rooting server - IANA Stewardship Transition. IANA - stands for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and is owned by ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and issue's). She is also a board member of the European domain name organization CENTR.

In Brussels comes Lise Fuhr to work to ensure that European telcos' interests and influence among others in the forthcoming reform as the EU Commission has just launched in order to ensure a good innovative and commercial basis for digital development.

"I am looking forward to this new international challenge. As director of ETNO is my responsibility to ensure that ETNO influence on the EU's digital agenda including Digital Single Market, which include telecommunications regulation should be reviewed in order to ensure growth and innovation in the digital environment, "says Lise Fuhr about the appointment.

ETNO in brief

  • ETNO is a strong member-driven trade organization representing the European telecommunications operators.
  • ETNO's members and observers representing a total of 600 billion € in revenue and 1.6 million employees. ETNO's member companies employ a total of up to a million people across Europe.
  • ETNO contributes to shaping the best regulatory and commercial environment for its members to continue rolling out innovative and high services and platforms quality for the benefit of European consumers and businesses.

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