Written hearing regarding the role of DIFO in the fight against online crime

On November 13, 2019, Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) and DK Hostmaster hosted an oral hearing regarding our continued role in the fight against online crime.
Many stakeholders participated and we had a good debate on what DIFO should focus on.

We have now initiated a written hearing where all interested parties are invited to contribute.

Fighting online crime

DIFO and its operating company, DK Hostmaster, are responsible for the administration of all .dk domain names. The Danish zone on the Internet stands out for its high degree of security. The Danish Internet community works on many fronts to fight online crime, and to date DK Hostmaster has removed access to approximately 3,000 fake web shops from the .dk zone by strengthening the identity check of those who have the right to use a .dk domain name.

DIFO wishes to contribute continually to the fight against online crime with the tools associated with a domain administrator.

We specifically seek answers to the following questions:

  • Should DIFO be able to suspend a domain name when a public authority requests it, e.g. if dangerous drugs are sold on the website? Or should we, for reasons of legal certainty, first have a court to assess whether something illegal is going on?
  • Should DIFO be proactive and suspend domain names for websites that is known for phishing or malware spread? Or is it first and foremost a responsibility for website owners?
  • Should DIFO in the future be able to suspend any domain name used in connection with the obvious risk of certain serious types of crime? Or should we continue to focus solely on cases where there is also an obvious risk of confusion with a known domain name, logo or trademark?

Please send your written responses to registry@difo.dk no later than January 6, 2020.


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